Extend the life of your sunny spot with thermally modified wooden decking

Thermally modified wood is a new trend that is making its way into many areas in the home and garden. Thanks to its very good durability, the wood represents a perfect alternative to tropical wood and helps to protect nature in various ways.

Thermally modified pine
Thermally modified ash
Thermally modified poplar
Thermally modified silver fir

Thermally modified wood is a real all-rounder when it comes to sustainability.
Wherever tropical wood finds its way to us from the furthest regions of the world, thermally modified wood arrives at its destination with comparatively little effort. Its regional nature is thus a real advantage not only in terms of sustainability, but also with regard to short delivery routes. Alongside its durability, the wood stands out thanks to its intense brown colour created during the thermal process. Depending on the wood type, however, the colouration can differ significantly.

Thermally modified wood is excellent for use in decking construction. Thanks to its resilience, decking owners can enjoy their place in the sun for a long time to come. Like with any wood, this material also greys. However, this can be counteracted using suitable oils. Regular maintenance also extends the service life of the wood.

Greying of thermally modified decking:

Thermally modified ash decking in its original condition
Greyed thermally modified ash decking

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