The classic wood treatments at a glance

Untreated wood surfaces

Planed surface

Visual appearance: Evenly smooth
Description: A smooth, even surface is created by planing using several cutter heads.
Coating: Good suitability

Rough band-sawn surface

Visual appearance: Unevenly rough
Description: Before planing, a fine band saw is used to create the surface; this rough, uneven surface is not worked any further when planing.
Coating: Very good suitability

Surfacing router rough sawn surface

Visual appearance: Evenly rough
Description: The unplaned surface is produced with a specially ground cutter head in the planing machine, an evenly rough surface is created.
Coating: Very good suitability

Chopped surface

Visual appearance: Rough and chopped
Description: Chopping creates a rough, rustic surface that makes every board one of a kind, thus giving your wall a unique look.
Coating: Limited suitability

Brushed surface

Visual appearance: Textured
Description: Brushing removes the softer spring wood and the harder heartwood is retained, thus creating an appealing look with an unmistakable feel.
Coating: Suitable

Wood coatings

Greying scumble

Description: Pre-greying in the factory anticipates the natural greying of the openly weathered surface of the façade. If the surface is weathered over the years, the wood gradually becomes naturally greyed. The areas that are protected from the weather (e.g. roof overhangs, areas around windows and the like) also match the overall appearance in the long term thanks to häussermann WoodCare Natural Patina.
Area of application: Façade construction

Opaque coating

Description: Opaque coating systems create a uniformly coloured surface, the structure of the wood can no longer be seen. Thanks to our quality-assured water-based Vakumat process, you get the best possible wood protection.
Area of application: Façade construction

Transparent coating

Description: In contrast to opaque coatings, clear varnishes allow the wood structure to still be seen, and sometimes even enhance it. Our clear varnishes offer protection against moisture, UV rays and other environmental influences.
Area of application: Façade construction and interior fittings

Colourless coating

Description: Colourless coatings protect the wood and offer increased UV protection, while also retaining the natural colour. They are thus particularly well-suited to use indoors.
Area of application: Interior fittings