This is why more and more building owners and architects are now designing with wood.

Wood is undoubtedly one of the oldest construction materials because it is comparatively readily available and easy to work with. Half-timbered buildings and churches constructed using wood that are several hundred years old still stand today. Timber construction’s current renaissance is thanks in part to the exemplary environmental properties of wood, as well as to the new opportunities that modern solid wood products and wood materials offer: they fulfil today’s technical, legal and functional demands and offer absolute creative freedom.

Wood construction has experienced enormous growth over recent years.
While it held a less than three per cent share in the early 1990s, it now accounts for around fifteen per cent in Germany, and the figure is growing. Wood additionally plays a special role in the modernisation sector. Mounted, rear-ventilated façades made from solid wood allow the requirements of the energy-saving regulations to be fulfilled in an appropriate, inexpensive way. There are virtually no longer any limits when it comes to modern timber construction. Single-family houses and apartment buildings, schools and nurseries, office and administration buildings, industrial construction or sport and leisure facilities – the all-rounder wood is every bit an equal to other construction methods.

Wood is a natural product.
The natural beauty of grown wood conveys character. A façade made from profiled wood opens up creative freedom for building owners and architects to add their own personal touch. Almost any desired effect can be achieved with the combination of wood type and installation type, profile type and colour.

The wood façade offers you unlimited creative possibilities
A wood façade can underscore the character of a house – as well as offering simple elegance or inviting flair. The outstanding ability to combine wood with stone, glass or metal is one of the exceptional properties of this universal construction material. This gives you a multitude of possibilities with regard to individual and contemporary façade design.