Associations that we feel committed to

Forum Weißtanne

The increasing economical mindset within the wood market has far-reaching consequences for the stability and ecology of our forests. There is the risk that “economical wood types” will replace natural tree populations in their native regions. This often has far-reaching consequences for the ecosystem. The non-profit association, which has been registered since 2000, has taken on the task of promoting the preservation of silver fir as the natural main tree type in the Black Forest and the rest of the distribution area and supporting its use in modern wood processing.


Verband der Europäischen Hobelindustrie

A community network generates the potential for creating reliable standards, as these quality guidelines help the members of the association to produce comparable, high-quality planed goods. The Verband der Europäischen Hobelindustrie (European Planing Industry Association) is the point of contact for all questions concerning the VEH-Q sorting guidelines and the positioning of its member companies. Its task is quality assurance, a transfer of knowledge, and acting as a strong partner to implement and maintain satisfactory production and sales conditions based on the most competitive use of wood.