Tried-and-tested structures for seamless collaboration

The market doesn’t stand still. We live in a time of constant changes, which often have far-reaching effects. At the same time, there is a great deal of competition for every contract. Pricing and quality policies interact in a constant interplay. As every product is only as good as the processes that run invisibly in the background, an experienced partner is an invaluable asset for an efficient and successful collaboration. Our demand for reliability is that special something extra that we offer our customers.

Quality is the best way to achieve customer loyalty
Quality has many facets. It can be seen in the material and workmanship, in the services and consulting, and not least in the good connection between the customer and builder. All these aspects are important over the course of a collaboration and make all those involved feel as though they are participating in a good thing. Right at the end, you then naturally have the completed project, such as a façade installed in compliance with the regulations. For häussermann, the quality features just mentioned represent core values that arise not only from a business interest in generating long-standing customer satisfaction. In fact, it is our basic requirement to make a shared idea a reality in a team with a partner on an equal footing.

Materials with the highest standards
Our criteria when it comes to using and processing materials are as uncompromisingly consistent as the market demands today. “Effectiveness” for us means acquiring wood regionally and processing materials with maximum energy efficiency. The paints and colour systems used do not pose any health risks, and rightly so. This leads to a product portfolio for wood façades and interior cladding that fulfils the highest quality standards.

Collaboration is our goal!
We pay attention to a fair, transparent working relationship from the very first to the very last day on the project. Instead of offering our customers prefabricated solutions, we try to understand their expectations in an intensive exchange and find the right solution together. It doesn’t matter whether this involves a major public contract to design a façade, a house designed individually by an architect, or a new interior design for a holiday home. We will advise you as equals and work with you to find a solution that meets your individual expectations and offers a good price–performance ratio for both sides.

Rationality as the topmost principle
With häussermann, you have a very well-positioned medium-sized company by your side that is committed to values such as reliability, predictability and honesty. This means no contradictions in today’s world. We see this more as a successful business model, as it means that long customer relationships are created and people are happy to recommend us. The advantage over a global corporate group is obvious: our structures are flexible and direct. You notice this above all in terms of speed, commitment and flexibility.