There are many aspects to sustainability in the wood industry

We have to value and preserve what we already have, yet also develop it further for the generations to come. Sustainability has many facets for us: the most important is ecological compatibility and a long-term orientation, followed by regionality and customer proximity. We use this aspiration to shape our daily tasks and business contacts. Our focus lies on an authentic product portfolio and streamlined, consistent processing.

Hand-in-hand with ecology and responsibility
The renewable raw material wood fascinates us due to its versatility, its own unmistakable character and its naturalness. It is thus the ideal inspiration for sustainable products that impress with their unmistakable properties and ecological value.

No tropical wood due to a sense of responsibility
Tropical forests are sensitive ecosystems that are very important for the global climate. Overexploitation and misuse destroy them. häussermann has already been avoiding processing tropical wood for many years and strives to offer alternatives. The häussermann Group was thus significantly involved in researching and further developing thermal modification. Today, we essentially cover the entire process chain, from obtaining wood regionally to processing in our sawmill and thermal modification. This method of preparing native woods in such a way that they can measure up against the benefits of tropical woods is without equal in Europe.

Reliability in a partnership
We strive to maintain a long-term relationship with our business partners, which is why reliability and transparency play an important role at häussermann – alongside a fair and cooperative approach. These are prerequisites for a long, value-creating collaboration, for both sides. After all, we have a tradition of trusting collaborations: we have been continuously working hand-in-hand with some of our customers for decades. The products manufactured at häussermann reach our customers day after day, and values such as functionality, longevity, ecology and currentness in the product range are particularly important.

Integrating sustainability into daily working processes
Our commitment goes even further. häussermann has been using photovoltaics for many years and converts the natural power of the sun directly into energy, a hundred per cent of which is used to manufacture our products. But häussermann also relies on safety when it comes to ensuring that the paints and colour systems used pose no risk to health.


We have displayed the PEFC seal for many years. With this visible proof, we stand for sustainable forest management and take environmental and social criteria equally into account. We also aim to only use woods that come directly from the regions where our processing companies are located. In this way, we are supporting the very rural areas in which our companies are based. At the same time, we are also protecting nature and the environment by avoiding unnecessarily long transport routes. The PEFC guidelines for forest management are adapted to the natural conditions of the respective forest ecosystem and ensure that these vitally important natural habitats are preserved.


A sense of responsibility is very important to häussermann. We thus consider FSC® certification as a matter of course. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) was founded in 1993. The global association’s members are organisations and companies from the forestry and wood industry. The aim of FSC® is to preserve location-appropriate forests and manage them responsibly. Companies who process wood according to the FSC® guidelines receive a certificate. häussermann was certified in 2000.