Untreated wooden decking

Wood has always been a key part of decking construction. The naturalness and uniqueness of wood makes the decking a very special place. The correct assembly is usually simple and, by selecting the right wood and performing regular maintenance, there is nothing stopping the new sunny spot from being used for many years.

Smooth and grooved profiles
häussermann offers designers and architects a wide range of profiles. Grooved profiles are very popular. They create a more even look in the laying pattern, as naturally occurring irregularities in the wood are better compensated for in the surface finish. Many people assume that grooves transport the rainwater away from the building better. This is not correct. A slight slope must always be planned into the decking as standard. This slope ensures that the water finds the right path. It makes no difference here whether the water is additionally guided away by a grooved profile.

The right wood for your perfect decking
As decking is usually exposed to the weather without any protection, the durability class is crucial when selecting the wood. Siberian larch and Douglas fir should be mentioned first here. They offer the necessary durability and robustness. They also tend to have few knots and have a low amount of resin formation.


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