KEIM Lignosil®-Verano – proven brand quality at häussermann

When it comes to pre-greyed façade design, you can also rely on the brand quality from KEIM at häussermann. As is common for pre-greyed façade woods, with KEIM Lignosil®-Verano, you intentionally avoid using a protective surface treatment.

Right from the very first day, you will have a continuously even, pre-greyed façade look with KEIM Lignosil®-Verano. As the natural greying of the wood is anticipated, you avoid unpleasant surprises at the eaves and around windows. KEIM Lignosil®-Verano has a colour-stable look and the greyed wood façade sets in without any further maintenance required. KEIM Lignosil®-Verano is available in different colours and has classic and metallic shades.

KEIM Lignosil®-Verano – classic colour shades

Colour No. 4470
Colour No. 4735
Colour No. 4832
Colour No. 4861
Colour No. 4863
Colour No. 4870
Colour No. 4875
Colour No. 4880
Colour No. 4890
Colour No. 4895

KEIM Lignosil®-Verano – metallic colour shades

Colour No. 4259-M
Colour No. 4470-M
Colour No. 4832-M
Colour No. 4890-M

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