Pre-greyed wood façade – häussermann WoodCare® Natural Patina

Wood façades age after just a few months, depending on the intensity of the UV radiation and rain. To give the wood an even overall impression and stop it from being affected by the weather conditions, we offer pre-greying in the factory with häussermann WoodCare® Natural Patina.

Utilising new technologies
In a special finishing process, paints with aluminium particles are used in production to create a natural grey, silky appearance, which anticipates the natural patina of openly weathered façade surfaces. Once the façade is mounted, a greyed front will be shown from the very first day. If the surface weathers over time, the factory greying will be replaced by natural greying. This allows the wood façade to retain a continuously natural patina. The areas that are protected from the weather will also match the overall appearance in the long term as any unwanted colour differences in the typical areas, such as roof overhangs and around windows, are avoided. Environmentally friendly, breathable and open pored.

Natural Patina light
Natural Patina medium
Natural Patina dark
Natural Patina soil grey
Natural Patina bitumen grey

The most important profiles for a façade

Almost all profiles can be combined with factory-fitted pre-greying. Here we show you a selection of our most popular façade profiles. You can find more profiles here.

KSP 17 (feather-edge profile)

Dimensions: 15/24 x 146 mm (coverage: 126 mm)
Area of application: Façade

KSP 18 (feather-edge profile)

Dimensions: 15/24 x 146 mm (coverage: 126 mm)
Area of application: Façade

DTP (double trapezoidal profile)

Dimensions: 27, 33 x 146 (coverage: 136 mm)
Area of application: Façade

ETPS (single trapezoidal profile)

Dimensions: 27 x 96 mm (coverage: 74 mm)
Area of application: Façade

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