KEIM Lignosil Color – an innovative colour coating for your façade

KEIM Lignosil Color is the branded product for when you are thinking about long-term economy and are looking for particularly high quality in your façade design. The modern paint combines many benefits and will generally save you from having to do any laborious renovations.

Conventional paints have a crucial disadvantage – they only adhere to the base and the colour coating forms cracks after a certain amount of time, depending on the weather influences, and becomes brittle. Where tried-and-tested products reach their limits, the patented colour system from KEIM can show its superiority with many additional benefits. KEIM Lignosil Color forms an extremely opaque and resistant coating, thus offering very good protection against moisture. This ability gives your façade very good weathering properties. The great side effect is that renovating your façade is very easy. There is no need to sand the façade down. It is generally sufficient to simply paint over it. KEIM Lignosil Color also has very good UV resistance and can display good environmental compatibility.

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